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Ingerid Jordal


Ingerid Jordal is a freelance photojournalist based in the west of Norway, with a passion for the Scandinavian outback and deep north.

Ingerid works both on assignment as well as on personal projects in Norway and abroad. Specialised in photojournalism, reportage and portraiture.

Her most prominent work She Hunts has gained much attention, and been exhibited in several countries.

She calls herself «Norway´s most honest photographer», and she gives her followers a honest glimpse behind the scenes of the photo industry as she shares her everyday life and challenges of the business.

Ingerid holds a MA of Photographic studies from University of Westminster (UK) and has been working as a  professional photographer and writer since graduation in 2005.

She is a member of the Norwegian Press Photographers Union (Pressefotografenes klubb), Norwegian Union of Journalists (Norsk journalistlag) and Norwegian Fine Artists´s Union (Norske billedkunstnere).

Photo by: Marte Vike Arnesen


SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art

This is my go-to lens. I absolutely love it!

Razor sharp with beautiful bokeh. I love the compression 135mm gives, and I'm still within talking distance from my models.

I have my Sigma Art 135mm on my camera 99,9 % of the time when I'm shooting outdoors. 


SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art

In many ways this one is just as great as the 135mm, but I prefer to use the 85mm indoors. It gives me that lovely compression and blurry background, but at the same time tack sharp focus. I can use it in my tiny studio when doing a sitter session with small children or when doing a session with a model in an old building.


SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art

All-round, tack sharp and nice blurry background with a f-stop down to 1.4. Such a great lens! I use it in my tiny studio for shooting full length maternity photos, family photos and headshots as well. 





Namn, Land

Namn, Land

Namn, Land

Namn, Land