SIGMA Ambassadors

Meet our SIGMA Ambassadors

Let us introduce you to our amazing SIGMA Nordic Ambassadors!  

Would you like to become an Ambassador, or collaborate with SIGMA in the Nordic och Baltic countries? 
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Adam Klingeteg, Sweden

Adam has always loved the "extreme" things and activities in life, from high alpines to the ocean waves. Capturing people doing what they love most, also inspired him to start photography. Maybe that is why he found himself shooting action sports and commercial.

Action Sports, Commercial

Bobby Anwar, Denmark

Creative impulses have always driven the core of Bobby. With a background as a Graphic Designer and professional dancer, he loves to express himself creatively and often works in a muted melancholic color scheme, loving black and white photography.

Street, Video

Emma Grann, Sweden

Emma's main focus has always been to capture people one way or the other, mixing lifestyle, fashion and portrait photography. In 2019, she co-founded Studio Femme together with five other creators, supporting each other, working with both large productions and individual content creation.

Lifestyle, Fashion, Portraits

Herve Rannu, Estonia

Herve started his photography journey back in 2017, wandering around the cityscapes during night time, capturing different scenes with long exposures. But when he found himself out in nature more, he realised that this was what he wanted to do - capture the amazing beauty of our wonderful nature.

Landscape, Nightscape

Ingerid Jordal, Norway

With a passion for the Scandinavian outback and deep north, Ingerid specializes in photojournalism, reportage and portraiture. She calls herself "Norway's most honest photographer" giving her followers a glimpse behind the scenes of the photo industry.

Photojournalism, Documentary, Art

Jonas Borg, Sweden

With almost two decades of experience in the industry, internationally acclaimed photographer Jonas has worked with both major organizations, events, communication agencies and large corporatios, with a documentary and authentic approach, with a storytelling focus. 

Documentary, Weddings & Events, Portraits

Lorenzo Mirandola, Finland

Lorenzo, originally from Italy, moved to Rovianiemi in northern Finland for his facination for the northen lights. In his company Arctic Roadtrips, he helps people from all over the world to hunt for northern lights, immortalizing these beautiful night skies.


Lotta Polviander, Finland

Award-winning photographer Lotta loves photographing people in different situations, and believes that photos make us remember certain memories in life. She loves authentic moments and always see the magic between people, capturing all emotions.

Weddings, Pregnancy, Newborn, Family

Luisa Schaffner, Finland

Luisa, originally from Germany, got her first camera when she was 9 years old. Since then, photography has never heft her side. Moving to Rovaniemi, Finland, her passion for the Arctic nature impressed her, and today she hunts northern lights with her company Arctic Roadtrips.


Maria Lindberg, Sweden

Maria specializes in portraits and dreamlike fairytale photography. She loves to capture the beauty of life around her, preferably out in nature, creating beautiful portraits of families, women, horses and other pets. She also shares this passion with others, at lectures and workshops.

Fairytale, Pregnancy, Children, Pet

Tina Brikland Borsheim, Norway

Tina sees herself not just as a photographer, but as an artist. She wishes she could paint, but she can´t, so she creates with her heart and does her artistic final touch in editing, for that painterly look. She believes everyone deserves beautiful artwork of themselves or loved ones.

Portraits, Fine Art

Rannvá Joensen

Landscape, Adventure, Commercial
Hósvik, Faroe Islands

Marcus Wallinder

Architecture, Minimalism, Graphic Design
Malmö, Sweden

Marcus Wallinder

Architecture, Minimalism, Graphic Design
Malmö, Sweden