SIGMA Ambassador & Collaboration Application

SIGMA Ambassador & Collaboration Application

Are you enjoying your SIGMA lenses and would like to work more closely with us? Perhaps you have a specific project in mind where you would like to collaborate, or maybe you want to go even further and become a part of the SIGMA family as a SIGMA Nordic Ambassador? Fill out the open application below, and we will get back to you if the times is right to work together.

Please keep in mind that we´re not continuosly looking to sign new ambassadors or do collaboration, but we happily read them all to see what we´re able to do. 

Curious on our current Ambassadors?  

Adam Klingeteg

Action Sports, Commercial
Stockholm, Sweden

Bobby Anwar

Street, Video
Copenhagen, Denmark

Emma Grann

Lifestyle, Fashion, Portraits
Gothenburg, Sweden

Herve Rannu

Nature, Landscape, Outdoor
Tallinn, Estonia

Ingerid Jordal

Photojournalism, Doc., Art
Bergen, Norway

Jonas Borg

Weddings, Portraits, Doc.
Stockholm, Sweden

Lorenzo Mirandola

Rovaniemi, Finland

Lotta Polviander

Wedding, Family
Tampere, Finland

Luisa Schaffner

Rovaniemi, Finland

Maria Lindberg

Fairytale, Family, Pet
Växjö, Sweden

Rannvá Joensen

Landscape, Adventure
Hósvik, Faroe Islands

Tina Brikland Borsheim

Stavanger, Norway