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Service & Support 

If you have any questions regarding our products, our webshop or stores and their product range, please contact us via the contact form below, by phone or via e-mail. Please refer to your order number, if your matter is a web order. 

Please also have a look at our FAQ, and you might find the answer to your question.


We understand that you need your product and we will do our very best to keep the service time as short as possible. The normal turn around time is 10 working days, freight time not included. If we need to order parts from Japan, it will take a little bit longer.

Process for Service request:
• Register your Service request by filling out the form below and submit.
• Wait for the e-mail reply from our Customer Service team.
• Follow the instructions in that e-mail.

Please note! Regardless of urgency, do not send your product/s to the Service shop until you have registered a Service request below, and have received an e-mail confirmation from us with further instructions. 

Do not send your product to our office, as we do not handle the service at our office. The instructions of where to send your product/s will be in the e-mail confirmation from our Customer Service team. 


If you need to send your SIGMA product for repair, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

Product Warranty

We provide a 2-year warranty on optics and a 1-year warranty on cameras and Cine lenses. You can extend the warranty on optics to a total of 5 years by registering your purchase with us here.

The registration needs to be completed within 60 days of purchase. You need to upload your purchase receipt with a serial number. The warranty covers all faults within the specified time, provided that it is not dropped, wet or not handled with normal care. Of course, the Consumer Law applies.

If the optics need to be focus adjusted, it is done free of charge during the first year.

Out of Warranty



To make it easy, we have establised 4 fixed prices on repair.

K1. Easy repair, external clean-up, hatches and buttons.
  Price 625 NOK
K2. Focus adjustment - Replacement of metal parts/plastic parts on the outside. 
   Price 1 000 NOK

K3. Replacing circuit board, repair OS, replacement of parts inside.
   Price 1 875 NOK

K4. Shock damage, replacement of OS, repair of advanced lenses.
   Price 3 125 NOK

• More advanced fault is charged by en hourly fee.
  Price: 1 225 NOK
• Examination fee 375 NOK.

All the prices are excluding freight cost.