Mount Conversion Service 

  • With this service, can I exchange my lens for a new lens?

    No, we will only replace the key components and mount part of your lens. Optimization will be performed so that you can use it on your new camera.
  • Are all the SIGMA lenses supported by this service?

    Only SIGMA lenses from our Global Vision product lines (Contemporary, Art and Sports) will be eligible.
  • Can I request to convert to any mount of my choice?

    Yes, as long as the lens in the requested mount has been released by SIGMA as a product.
  • Is it possible to revert to the original mount?

    Yes, please request the service again, and we will proceed another mount conversion as a new request.
  • Are there any restrictions of function after the mount conversion?

    No. The function of the lens will be same as the product with the mount that has been released by SIGMA.
  • Is there any risk of performance degradation after the mount conversion?

    Please be assured that mount conversion will be completed on the basis of the measuring system and concept exactly the same as our new three product lines.
  • How long will mount conversion take?

    Turnaround time is usually 10 working days. If it needs to be sent to the factory in Japan 3-4 weeks.
  • When I consider to get the mount of my lens converted in the future, would it be still possible to do after a certain time from the point of my purchase?

    We will support lenses for 5 years after they have been released.
  • How can I request this service?

    Use our Service Registration form and in the field "Fault description" you write Mount Conversion Service and to which mount you want to convert to. 
  • After converting the mount, will you return the original parts you’ve removed?

    Due to environmental and safety concerns, we are not going to return them to customers.
  • Is it possible to convert the mount system of a lens multiple times?

    Although it is possible, there might be limitations depending on the condition of your lens. Please contact SIGMA Imaging Nordic for the further details.
  • To apply for the service, can I contact the shop where I bought my lens?

    Our customers generally fnd that the most convenient (and cheapest) method for them is to take it back to their retailer from whom it was purchased. Alternatively, you can send it directly to the service provider in your country